Empowerment at the Ballot Box: Ali Zaidi Urgent Message Sparks Reflection

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Former Federal Minister Ali Zaidi has appealed to the public to exercise their vote in any case. In his message on the social networking site, he said that if the patriotic people of Pakistan were not afraid of these parties, they would not resort to such strong-arm tactics and unrest. Ali zaidi pti urged everyone to cast their vote tomorrow without fail and not let this opportunity slip away. He also cheered for Pakistan Zindabad.

Vote tomorrow anyway, don’t miss this opportunity

Earlier, Ali Zaidi had said that the founders of PTI were surrounded by hypocrites. In a statement, he said that the sympathy of a hypocrite with the enemy’s sword is more dangerous. This group of hypocrites did three things. Ali Zaidi said that hypocrites distanced anyone who had the ability to dissent from PTI. They kept misleading PTI by lying about sincere people.

ali zaidi, ali zaidi pti, general election 2024,
Empowerment at the Ballot Box: Ali Zaidi Urgent Message Sparks Reflection

Ali Zaidi said that some people used to take money even for arranging meetings with the founders of PTI, which you are seeing today; this prediction had already been made. He said that the entourage of hypocrites promoted everyone who only praised PTI in front of Jee Sir. They promoted the voice of anyone who opposed the establishment with great zeal. Ali Zaidi said that patience and silence are a blessing, especially at a time when chaos reigns. He said that after 24 years of struggle, I am seeing this spectacle in silence. During this time, one after another, all of this is being unmasked.

On the other hand, according to Alima Khan, Imran Khan has emphasized that after casting their vote, the people should not leave the polling station.


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