Imran Khan’s Arrival: The Anticipation Builds – When Will He Come

Imran Khan's Arrival: The Anticipation Builds - When Will He Come

In the halls of power in Islamabad, the walls seem to echo with whispers, sharing the prophecy that it will take two to three years. As Imran Khan faces legal repercussions with swift court decisions, various legal complexities may delay these verdicts from reaching the higher courts.

Imran Khan’s Arrival: The Anticipation Builds – When Will He Come

Imran Khan's Arrival: The Anticipation Builds - When Will He Come
Imran Khan’s Arrival: The Anticipation Builds – When Will He Come

Analysis suggests that our elected leaders, whoever they may be in Islamabad, take about two to three years to settle into their roles fully. True affection for them tends to transform into weariness after this time, evolving from genuine love to a weariness that borders on hostility.

Legal files are always ready, witnesses are swiftly found, and judges open their courts until late at night to deliver sentences as if a delay in judgment tonight might cost them sleep. Imran Khan has faced a three-year sentence, followed by a ten-year sentence, only to be replaced the next day with a fourteen-year sentence.

Analysts are busy dissecting the merits and demerits of these sentences. My mental calculator suggests that given the number of cases, Imran Khan is facing and the speed at which judgments are coming, he might end up with a minimum of two thousand years in prison by the day of the election.

According to a cautious estimate, Imran Khan has dozens of cases against him. If we cast a sidelong glance at him, he appears not only as a political adversary but also as a terrorist, corrupt, a thief, and a severe threat to national security (meaning he has betrayed the country). A case is also underway attempting to prove his last marriage as ‘during the period of waiting.’

When Imran Khan began his political journey, he faced allegations of being somewhat hedonistic and politically naïve. In Pakistan, any minor luxury or excess enjoyed by a male politician is often turned against him, and this political folly has now made him the target of all the ancient curses.

“Imran, When Will He Come? Imran, When Will He Come?

However, the same mistake has been made by every Prime Minister elected in Pakistan. They tend to believe they are the Prime Minister and, with their first error, end up getting a cell booked for themselves in Adiala, Sihala, or Attock Jail.

Former President Asif Ali Zardari, the most regular resident of these jails, has advised Imran Khan that prison is a university for politicians. He should learn something. Another wise person has suggested that staying away from social media in jail might bring some wisdom.

The clamor on social media by those who dream of ruling the country is overwhelming. The constraints on them have been lifted by those who once thought of Imran Khan as a light joke or item number. The same people are now feeling the heat of his anger.

In jails, an unwritten pact among the inmates and former prisoners suggests that this time, they won’t only keep Imran Khan inside but won’t let his voice or image escape either. They will present him before the court within the prison, and he might serve sentences of ten, twenty, or thirty thousand years.

It is also entirely possible that after completing a thousand years of imprisonment, Imran Khan might emerge from Adiala Jail. By then, elections might be happening, cricket may have ended in the country, and a wise sage sitting in the valley may be reminding us of the good old days of Ayub Khan.

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