“First Year and a Half Had to Convince Myself,” Bushra Ansari Confirms Marriage to Iqbal Hussain

Bushra Ansari Confirms Marriage to Iqbal Hussain

Bushra Ansari Confirms Marriage to Iqbal Hussain

Renowned Pakistani actress Bushra Ansari has confirmed her marriage to TV actor and host Iqbal Hussain. Ansari confirmed her marriage in a video on her YouTube channel. On her YouTube vlog, Bushra Ansari was seen with her husband Iqbal Hussain. The couple discussed marriage matters and issues in this vlog.

Bushra Ansari said, “I had to convince myself for the first year and a half. I had been living alone for quite some time. Your (Iqbal Hussain’s) divorce happened before mine.”

Speaking about this, Iqbal Hussain said, “We were just discussing the idea of marriage when people started spreading rumors about us, to the extent that someone even spread the news that we had a child.”

He further stated that they want to dispel the negative perceptions created in society about older women marrying younger men. “If you find a sincere life partner, there’s no harm in starting a new life with them,” he added. The actress further revealed that actor Behroze Sabzwari also encouraged her for a second marriage.

It’s worth noting that although rumors of marriage between Iqbal Hussain and Bushra Ansari surfaced in 2019, both of them confirmed and did not deny it. Bushra Ansari had previously married Iqbal Ansari in 1978, which ended in divorce 36 years later. On the other hand, Iqbal Hussain had tied the knot with his first wife, famous TV host and actress Farah Hussain.