Apple’s Vision Pro Pre-Order Triumph: 180,000 Units Sold!

Apple's Vision Pro Pre-Order Triumph: 180,000 Units Sold!

Apple announced its Vision Pro back in June, but its official order was sent from the USA. The analyst Mig-Chi estimated that and said that Apple sold between. The initial demand for this was so much stronger. with Apple devices like the iPhone, where demand is growing and shipping is also increasing day by day. Vison Pro is not for everyone; till now, the company has sold many of the Vison Pro. This Visoon Pro will fit the customer perfectly without moving. It is the first Apple new device, which has gained a lot of popularity.

Saying of the kuo about the Vison Pro

He said that the shipping time within the first 48 hours might indicate a quick drop in demand after the heavy user while fans were done their pre-ordering.This has a total storage capacity of 258 GB, so the user will be able to store a lot of things. This will start shipping in February, according to the United States of America.

Some points about the Vision Pro

The developer of this device is Apple Inc., and the type is like a standalone mixed reality headset. The starting price of Vision Pro will be US$3,499, and the operating system will be Vision OS (iOS-based). The features of the camera are: 18mm,f/2.00 aperture, and 6.5 stereo megapixels. The Apple Vision is a “spatial computer” where digital media is integrated with the real world. while physiacal input such as motion gestures,eye tracking, and speech recognition is linked with the system. The app can be placed anywhere around the user in a fixed shape and size. This also has the feature of dubbed eyes. In which the eye of the user is protected from the screen. showing the user virtual eyes on the display. and allowing others to see the current immersion status and have better communication.

With Environments, a user’s world can grow beyond the dimensions of a physical room, using the Digital Crown to control how present or immersed they are.

History of the development

In May 2015, Apple acquired the German augmented reality (AR) company. It was originally motivated by the Titan project of the Titan.In that year, Apple Inc. hired Mike Rockwell and formed a team known as the Technology Development Group, which included the co-founder, whose name was Peter Meier, and the Apple Watch manager, whose name was Fletcher Rothkopf. And the former Nasa specialist, whose name was Jeff Norris, who was an expert in his specialist work, was hired. Apple has enhanced the reality headset, which is meant as a bridge to future lightweight AR glasses, which are not yet technically available for people worldwide.


Apple Vision has a lamented glass display front, an aluminum frame covered with flexible cushions, and a total of 12 cameras. Eyes are tracked by the system of the LED in Apple Vision. The device speaker is inside the headband and placed directly into the user’s ears, and the user will be able to hear a very good sound. It can be powered by an external power supply. and a battery for a minimum of 2 hours of use. The feature of face scanning is also present in Apple Vision. The user will also be able to control the virtual background in less time.


According to the leaker, Wayne Ma,Apple was originally going to allow the macOS software to be dragged from the display to the user interface. Workers are also discussing a collaboration with a brand such as Nike for the headset. The CEO of the Apple Company was Tim Cook. A genius person.


“Frequently Asked Questions.

What is Apple’s Vision Pro?

Indulge in unparalleled entertainment with the Apple Vision Pro! Boasting ultra-high-resolution displays that surpass even 4K TVs per eye, users can immerse themselves in movies and TV shows from Apple TV+, Disney+, Max, and more. Experience content in stunning HDR on a screen that feels as expansive as 100 feet wide.

How much Apple Vision Pro will cost?

Priced at $3,499, the Vision Pro stands as one of the most expensive consumer headsets to date—approximately seven times costlier than Meta Platforms’ latest VR device. Additionally, sharing the Vision Pro with family and friends may pose a challenge due to its high price point.

Did Apple Vision Pro sell out?

At the 2023 Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple unveiled the Vision Pro headset. The product swiftly sold out upon the commencement of preorders last Friday. However, indications from prominent Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo suggest a potential decline in demand. Kuo, associated with TF International Securities, is closely monitoring the situation.

Who owns Vision Pro?

The Apple Vision Pro stands as an upcoming mixed reality headset crafted by Apple Inc.

How much will Apple VR cost?

The anticipated release of the Apple Vision Pro in the US is slated for early next year, with a price tag of $3,499. However, international availability is expected later in the year. The conversion to other currencies places it at approximately £2,815 / AU$5,290, positioning the Vision Pro as a pricier option compared to competing headsets.

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