Simplify Your Search: WhatsApp’s Latest Feature Finds Chats by Date in 2024

WhatsApp Search by Date Feature

Often, it’s challenging to find old messages on WhatsApp, especially in emergencies, and searching for chats from days or weeks ago can become cumbersome. But now, that’s about to change.

WhatsApp has come up with a solution to users’ woes, introducing an option to search for old messages with dates.A new feature called ‘Search by Date’ has been introduced by WhatsApp, allowing users to easily find messages.


Under the ownership of Meta, this messaging app’s feature enables users to search for a message based on its date, making it possible to locate any message according to the date.This feature has been in the works for quite some time and has now been fully rolled out, available to all users.

WhatsApp’s Latest Feature Finds Chats by Date

WhatsApp is rolling out some intriguing features with its latest update. The new version 23.1.75 brings several enhancements, including the ability to search messages by date, drag and drop media from other apps, and more. Here’s a breakdown of what’s included.

Whatsapp is rolling out updates for both Android and iOS users. In the latest 23.1.75 update, the platform, owned by Meta, introduces new features aimed at improving the user experience and simplifying messaging. Among the additions in this update are the ability to message yourself, search messages by date, drag and drop media to share, and more.

Of particular note are two standout features: Search by Date and Drag and Drop for sharing images, videos, and documents from other applications. According to WhatsApp’s description of the new version, users can now easily locate specific messages by selecting a date from the calendar. “Search by date” functionality is seamlessly integrated into chat search. Simply tap ‘Search’ within a chat, navigate to contact or group info, and select the ‘calendar’ icon to access the date picker.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make the most of these new features.

WhatsApp Search by Date Feature
WhatsApp Search by Date Feature

How to Use WhatsApp ‘Search by Date’ Feature:¬†

  • Step 1: Open the Desired Chat. Navigate to the individual or group chat that you wish to search.
  • Step 2: Access the Calendar. On Android phones, click on the three dots located in the top right corner of the screen. …
  • Step 3: Select the Date. …
  • Step 4: Navigate Through Messages.

To utilize this feature, open WhatsApp and navigate to the chat window where you want to search for a message from a specific date.In that chat window, select the search option. Upon selecting the search option, you’ll see a calendar icon appear. Click on it.

Afterward, scroll to select the desired month and year.This feature makes it much simpler to find past messages on WhatsApp, enhancing user experience and making communication more efficient.


WhatsApp’s new ‘Search by Date’ feature is a game-changer, addressing a long-standing challenge for users by allowing easy access to old messages based on specific dates. With this addition, navigating through past conversations becomes effortless, especially in urgent situations. As part of Meta’s continuous efforts to enhance user experience, this feature streamlines communication on the platform, offering convenience and efficiency to millions of users worldwide.

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