Pakistan vs New Zealand Matches | Scoreboard Pakistan & New Zealand

Pakistan vs New Zealand Matches | Scoreboard Pakistan & New Zealand

Pakistan vs New Zealand Matches had played five twenty-seven series, out of which four matches were won by New Zealand and only one match was won by Pakistan. In the final, the Pakistani team has to play first and give a total target of 134. All the teams from New Zealand have been out on only 92 runs. Pakistan became safe from the clean wash of the series. The team captain of Pakistan was Shaheen Afridi, and the team captain of New Zealand was Mitchel Santner. Kane Williamson suffered a knee injury in the matches, which is why New Zealand chose captain Santner to replace him.

The Reaction of Shaheen Afridi After the Match:

Shaheen Afridi said in a media conference that this series was primarily seen as a chance to build toward the 20th World Cup. He said Today’s game was so important for us to watch. We did our best, and finally, we won the match. We need a win to move forward. He also said, In the first four games, our team made a lot of mistakes in fielding and bowling, but in the final match, all of the players performed well to win the game.

Summary of the Final Series Match Pakistan vs New Zealand:

Pakistan vs New Zealand Matches | Scoreboard Pakistan & New Zealand
Pakistan vs New Zealand Matches | Scoreboard Pakistan & New Zealand

In the final match, only New Zealand opener Fin Allen scored 22 runs, Philip scored a total of 26 runs, and Pakistan claimed the last eight wickets in only 39 runs. The left-arm spinner of Pakistan, Nawaz (2-18), was effective with the new ball. while the team captain, Shaheen, claimed 2-20. New Zealand is missing three important players: Kane Williams, David Conway, and Daryl Mitchell.

Reaction of the New Zealand team captain at the final match:

Santner has said that we have looked pretty good batting first and finally defending, but today we may need a bit of work chasing. But before this final match, in all four matches, we played well and won the match. Seamer Tim Southee, Matt Henry, and Locky Ferguson all claimed the two scalps. Southee was dismissed (2-19), and in the 13th over, he removed the dangerous player, Ish Sodhi, who had raced 33 of only 16 balls.

Scoreboard Pakistan:

Hasebullah Khan, C. Phillips, and B. Southee Muhammad Rizwan and Ravindra B. Henry, 38 Babar Azam C. Phillips, B. Sodhi 13 Fakhar Zaman, C. Ferguson, and B. Southee 33 Muhamad Nawaz C. Southeeb Sodhi 1 Ifithikar Ahmed C Young B Ferguson Shaheen Afridi, C. Ravindra B. Henry 1 Abbas Afridi, not out, and 15 Usama Mir, not out.


TOTAL (for eight wickets, 20 overs): 134

DID NOT BAT: Zaman Khan

Pakistan vs New Zealand Matches | Scoreboard Pakistan & New Zealand
Pakistan vs New Zealand Matches | Scoreboard Pakistan & New Zealand

New Zealand Scoreboard:

F. Allen, Haseebullah B. Zaman 22

R. Rajindra, C. Zama, and Nawaz 1

T. Seifert, L.B. Ifithikar, 19

W. Young, C. Ifithikar B. Nawaz 12

M. Chapman runs out of

G. Phillips, Abbas B. Shaheen 26

M. Santner C&B Usama 4

M. Henry C&B Ifithikar 1

Sodhi C. Fakhar B. Ifithikar 1

T.S. is not out.

L. Ferguson, Shaheen 0.


Total (all out, 17.2 overs): 92

FALL OF WICKET:1-12 (Rvindra),2-30 (Allen),3-53(Young),4-54(Chapman),5-64(Seifert),6-69(Santner),7-70(Henry),8-72(Sodhi),9-92(Phillip).

Pakistan won by 42 runs.

Player of the match: Ifithikhiar Ahmed

Player of the Series: Finn Allen


Finn Allen has played a good series and claimed the series-player match of the series. Williamson has also played three good matches; after that, he got a knee injury and was not able to play all the next two matches. From Pakistan, Babar Azam has played good cricket in every match.

¬†In conclusion, the Pakistan vs. New Zealand cricket series provided fans with thrilling moments and showcased the resilience of both teams. While New Zealand dominated most of the matches, Pakistan’s triumph in the final served as a testament to their determination and ability to bounce back. As cricket enthusiasts await future clashes, the series will be remembered for its intensity and the emergence of standout performers on both sides.



1. Q: How many matches were played in the Pakistan vs. New Zealand series, and who emerged as the dominant team?

A: The series comprised five matches, with New Zealand winning four and Pakistan securing one victory. New Zealand initially dominated the series.

2. Q: Who were the team captains, and how did injuries impact the New Zealand side?

A: Shaheen Afridi led Pakistan, while Mitchel Santner captained New Zealand. Kane Williamson’s knee injury led to Santner replacing him as captain in crucial matches.

3. Q: What was the key highlight of the final match, and how did Shaheen Afridi reflect on the series?

A: In the final, Pakistan set a target of 134, and New Zealand was bowled out for 92. Shaheen Afridi highlighted the match’s importance, emphasizing the team’s efforts and the need for a win to propel forward.

4. Q: Which players stood out in the final series match, and who claimed individual awards?

A: Ifithikhar Ahmed was named Player of the Match for his outstanding performance. Finn Allen, consistently impressive, earned the Player of the Series award. Babar Azam showcased consistent excellence for Pakistan.

5. Q: How would you sum up the series and its impact on both teams?

A: Despite New Zealand’s initial dominance, Pakistan triumphed in the final match, showcasing resilience. The series will be remembered for intense moments and standout performances, shaping the teams’ strategies and individual trajectories for future clashes.