Muhammad Shirazi Dominates Ramzan Transmission 2024 as Mishi Khan Expresses Disappointment – Revealing the Reasons! Why?

Muhammad Shirazi Dominates Ramzan Transmission 2024

Muhammad Shirazi invited to shan e Ramzan Transmission 2024, Every year when Ramadan comes, Pakistani TV channels display unique packages. One well-known channel is ARY Digital. They make truly thrilling indicates for Ramadan. This year, they announced something exciting: Muhammad Shirazi might be on Waseem Badami’s Ramadan display. Let’s see why this has anybody speaking!

Muhammad Shirazi: A Rising Star from Gilgit Baltistan

Muhammad Shirazi Dominates Ramzan Transmission 2024
Muhammad Shirazi Dominates Ramzan Transmission 2024

In the northern part of Pakistan, there may be a boy named Muhammad Shiraz. He’s well-known for making lovely videos known as “Shirazi Village Vlogs.” Even though he is almost just seven years old, lots of human beings all around the globe love him. His videos display how pretty life is in Baltistan, and they are high-quality and popular on Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok. In just a short time, Muhammad has become truly well-known. He has a million followers on Facebook and Instagram in handiest one month, and 680k humans enroll in his YouTube channel. Everyone loves his satisfied mindset and what kind of he loves his village. Muhammad Shiraz is like a pal to all of us on the internet.

Mishi Khan Voices Disappointment

Watch this video first which she posted on her Instagram yestarday

Mishi Khan, a well-known TV name, is involved in Muhammad Shiraz’s being on TV. She thinks it is not true for children like him to be on TV due to the fact it might trade them. She also says the TV display might make him worn out because it’s past due at night. Mishi Khan wishes the folks who make the show to think more approximately Muhammad Shiraz’s feelings and no longer just about making a living from the TV display.

“Mishi Khan said”

I lately saw you after a long at the same time. Wishing everyone a joyous Ramadan! It’s disheartening to peer how a child named Muhammad Shiraz has garnered gigantic recognition on social media, both in Pakistan and overseas. With 1,000,000 followers on Instagram, he is fascinating and articulate.

What’s saddening is that he’s now being included in Ramadan’s declares. It feels like there’s nobody else being taken into consideration. First, there was Ahmed Shah, his innocence exploited and turned into a public discern. Now, there are even stranger developments rising.

He’s just a toddler. He needs to be sound asleep in the course of his bedtime and wake up for Suhoor. Instead, he’s participating in those transmissions at some stage in the month, neglecting his rest. I marvel, why could his father permit this? What was the necessity to show him to this? It’s distressing to see his innocence compromised like this. What type of humans are you? you must uplift the ones who have worked hard, now not take advantage of them.

Fans Express Concerns

Fans are concerned about Muhammad Shiraz being at the Ramadan display. They assume it is now not proper for him due to the fact he’s nonetheless a child. They say being on TV might horrifically exchange him. They’re scared that all the attention and strain from the media may make him lose his innocence and not be himself anymore.

Calls for Caution and Responsibility

Muhammad Shirazi Dominates Ramzan Transmission 2024
Muhammad Shirazi Dominates Ramzan Transmission 2024

As Muhammad Shiraz geared up for his first TV show, fans were involved in him. They want Waseem Badami and the TV humans to be genuinely careful with him. They say it is superbly essential to keep Shiraz glad and now not let being on TV exchange him an excessive amount of. Some human beings are also mad at the TV for using Shiraz’s reputation to get extra viewers, saying they ought to suppose greater about what’s proper instead of just trying to get more human beings to look at it.


The communication about Muhammad Shiraz being on ARY Digital’s Ramadan show brings up huge questions on how TV channels ought to deal with people, especially youngsters, who end up well-known. Some human beings fear that being on TV might alternate Muhammad Shiraz or make things hard for him. They assume the TV human beings must be careful about how they display them on TV. As we watch the Ramadan display, we’re going to see how Waseem Badami and the crew manage to create an amusing display even as also thinking about Muhammad Shiraz’s feelings and ensuring he is k.

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